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Summer in Halcyon Park

Photo by Denise Serbay

Halcyon Park was developed as a private residential park with all the advantages of the city and all the surroundings of a country estate. Halcyon Park is a planned community of homes, with trees and shrubs, picturesque cottages, lakes, spacious grounds, a clubhouse, tennis courts, and stables. The most remarkable thing about this private residential park was that it was developed for individuals of moderate means.  The park is now maintained by the Township of Bloomfield and is home to an ethnically diverse group of citizens.

At one time, in the early part of the 20th century, there were two lakes in Halcyon Park. "Lake of the Oaks" and "Shell Lake." Shell Lake, the smaller of the two lakes, was located in the green area near 28 Parkway West. It was filled in many years ago. Lake of the Oaks, the larger lake, is what is known today as the Halcyon Park Pond.

In 1995, Halcyon Park was designated eligible for the National Register of Historic Places "as an intact collection of early 20th century residential housing in a planned setting reflecting attention to open space and neighborhood character." To learn more about the history of Halcyon Park, visit HalcyonParkHistoricDistrict.com

Halcyon Park Neighborhood Association Officers

Daniel Natal, President
Nelsha Moorji, Vice President
Michael LoConte, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and Beautification Coordinator
Denis Serbay, Beautification Coordinator
Auria Natal, Treasurer
Barbara Hughes, Newsletter Sponsor/Publisher
Amanda Natal, Newsletter Co-Editor
Susana Sotillo, Secretary/Newsletter Assistant
Rich Rockwell, Web Master

Mission Statement and Goals

We are a group of concerned citizens who have come together in an effort to maintain and expand the amenities found in Halcyon Park. We take pride in working with the Department of Public Works director and staff to improve the quality of life for Halcyon Park residents. We feel indeed fortunate to live in this neighborhood. This is a unique oasis in the south end of Bloomfield and it is our civic duty to preserve the unique character of Halcyon Park.

In 1993, Michael Lo Conte formed the Halcyon Park Environmental Committee (HPEC) in an effort to restore and beautify Halcyon Park. He, along with several committed volunteers, was responsible for a number of vital improvements: the installation of a circulation pump and fountainhead; the construction of the raised flowerbed and planting of shrubbery; and the installation of a flagpole. Mike Lo Conte worked very hard for over two years to maintain the suburban character of Halcyon Park.

Most of the original members of the Halcyon Park Environmental Committee moved away. For a while, there was very little activity in the park. The HPEC was restructured and became the Halcyon Park Neighborhood Association. Many new families from diverse backgrounds have moved into Halcyon Park. Officers of the Halcyon Park Neighborhood Association are actively recruiting new members to help them plan a variety of civic activities.  Please volunteer to serve your community and get involved!

Photo Album

Photos by Residents
Night Out August 5, 2008
Night Out August 7, 2007
July 8, 2007
July 4, 2005
Neighborhood Association Meeting September 18, 2001
Halloween Parade 2000

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News Archive

Neighborhood snapshot: Halcyon Park article in the Star Ledger, January 17, 2008
Halcyon Park article in Historical Society of Bloomfield Newsletter


Halcyon Park Trivia

The two houses below were in the Summer Can You Identify? contest

86 Parkway West
Photo Russell Collection in the Glen Ridge Public Library

Real Estate Photo circa 1910

August, 2010

25 Parkway East
Photo personal collection of Richard Rockwell


May, 2010

Ann Weber Hoyt - Halcyon Park Celebrity

Read about Ann Weber Hoyt, World Champion Archer who grew up at 69 Fontain Avenue, pictured here with her parents, Anthony John Weber and Beatrice Sophia Clexton.

Halcyon Days

Reminiscing about Halcyon Park

From Jim Earp, formerly of 59 Lexington Ave

I grew up in Halcyon Park during the 60s and 70s. I lived at 59 Lexington and my wife, Lisa Keck, lived at 6 Halcyon Place. I can't tell you how many memories your site brought back to us.

The pictures of the pond and the "then and now" links are incredible. We always thought "the park" (as we called it) was a company town for Westinghouse way back when. All we had to do was tell someone you lived in the "park" and they knew exactly where we were from. We have so many memories of living there and every so often we would drive through just to see what it looks like. We haven't been back in a few years, but your site brought it all back to us again.

We both attended Berkely School and South. It's a real shame what the town has let happen to South. I moved away after high school, but after my wife and I married we lived for a time at 126 Harrison Street (across from Zarro's Funeral Home), a stone's throw from the Franklin Ave end of the park. What memories.

Jim Earp JEarp@comcast.net, April 26, 2008

Halcyon Park History

Then and Now photos of Halcyon Park

Click here for more Then and Now photos.
For more historical information and photos of Halcyon Park, visit HalcyonParkHistoricDistrict.com

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